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Hab ich bei der 1. Abbildung alles richtig und könnt ihr mir bitte bei der 2. Abbildung helfen?


Text erkannt:

Use each of these conjunctions once only: after althgagh, becquse, befre, \( \mu, \) when, whrle.
Mahatma Gandhi was the man who \( \quad \) helped to give India the independence which \( \quad 2 \) it fought
so long to get. If \( \quad \) Gandhi had never
existed, India would have needed much longer to win the fight which 4 it finally won. He had a big influ-
ence on the twentieth century - an influence that 5 is still alive today - dlthough he himselt was not physically (korperlich) big. Be fore candhi was born, in \( 1869, \) India was part of an empire (Woltraich) Which 8 total area
later covered one quarter of the world I In 1857 , fust a few years a fter 9 he appeared in world history, there had been a rebellion that 10 almost
destroyed British power in India. Many of those Who it fought the British were killed. Like any young man \( \operatorname{w} h 0 \quad 12 \) is ambitious
(ehrgekig) Gandhi wanted to find a good job: something that in would help him to become rich. So
he went to London to become a lawyer. He chose London because \( x \) everybody knew you could got the best iraining there that \( w \) it was possible to get When in hod finished in London in 1893 he went to South Africa and, While "he was living there, he mot people Whose ideas about nonviolent protest were the same as those Which he had developed.


Text erkannt:

Fill in who(m), which, that, whose in each case (and don't foraet the comma(s) in the relative clauses!).
India, which \( \quad \) became part of the British Empire
in 1858 . was one of the richest colonies
made it very important for Britain's trade (Handel). The last
Indian Emperor (Kaiser) \( { }^{3} \) power was
finally ended by Britain in 1857 died in 1862 . And the
4 had never liked him very much
were glad to see him go. With the help of the Indian
princes most of " were very pro-English
the country stayed firmly in the Empire until 1947 .
The Indian climate " becomes terribly hot
in the summer sometimes made life difficult for the British
7 is one reason why some of them didn't
like It there. But if it got too hot you took a cold bath in
"you sat until evening came. Or you
stayed at home and learned the language with your munshi
(teacher) \( \quad \) A help was necessary to pass
the language exams. Every Englishman in India had to pass
wanted to sueceed

Apart from exams life was generally pleasant for the British


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