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Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap.
You need to decide
- which type of word it is (noun, adjective or adverb),
- whether you have to change the tense form,
- whether the word is singular or plural or
- whether you have to add a prefix or suffix.
Plastic Ocean
Plastic has become a growing problem and is demonised today.
But one must acknowledge the number of properties that make it a high/Y useful HIGH material. Plastic is not only clean, light and Shiny, it can be any colour and formed SHINE into any shape. Transparent plastic material, for example, can be made to look like glass. It is also good for making a large variety of household products: Just think of all MAKE the Storage containers you have at home which make life easier, save money and STORE conserve energy.
Overall, plastic is not only durable and versatile, but it is In eXPenSiVe to EXPENSIVE manufacture. It has also less Cnvirohmental costs and needs less energy ENVIRONMENT when compared to "greener" alternatives. These alternatives place a much g LaHet GREAT burden on the environment because they require more natutal resources to

NATURE produce and transport, emit more carbon throughout their lifecycle and need more energy to be hecycled CYCLE
Plastic's greatest benefit is that it is a he cycable material. The problem is, however, CYCLE that people consume millions of tonnes of plastic whereas only a small percontage PERCENT is recycled.

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Salut Tomy,

alles richtig, bis auf folgende Einfügung am Ende des Textes:

Plastic's greatest benefit is that it is a recycable material.

Schreibe stattdessen 'recyclable', dann passt es.

Schöne Grüße :)

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