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Aufgabe: Hallo ihr Lieben, ich bitte euch wirklich aus tiefstem Herzen, dass mir einer mal 2-3 Sätze hier raussucht und eine Partizipial Konstruktion daraus macht. Ich weiß, dass das hier eine Mathe-Lounge ist, aber ich komme nicht mehr weiter!! :(


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Shorten the following text by using participle constructions whenever possible. Write down the new text in your notebook.
The rate of teenage pregnancy, which was very high in the United Kingdom in the last decade, used to be shocking. One in every 25 teenage girls became pregnant in the UK. In comparison with Germany or France, Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies under the age of 17. The United States and New Zealand are developed countries with higher teenage birth rates than Britain.

Teenage pregnancy rates, which have almost halved in 2017 , are at a historical low in the United Kingdom and this is regarded as a big success. The reasons for this decrease, which include sex education classes at school, access to contraception and changing attitudes to young motherhood, can be shown by the latest statistics. One potential explanation, which was debated but couldn't be proven, is that teenagers simply spend less time in each other's company because of smartphones and social media.

The statistics also show another sad fact. Most fathers under the age of 18 who have a baby do not stay in long-term relationships with the mother of their child. Often they break up because of the hardship of being a teenage parent.

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